Kegan O’Connor

PhD Candidate University of Kansas

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Department of Economics

The University of Kansas

1460 Jayhawk Blvd - Snow Hall, Room 318, The University of Kansas, USA, 66045, USA

“Third-Party Policing: Nuisance Laws and their Impact on Legal and Extralegal Evictions”

Abstract: Third-party policing laws are policies where police attempt to persuade or force third parties, such as landlords, to take some level of responsibility in preventing criminal activities. The most prevalent of these are nuisance property ordinances. These require landlords to regulate tenant behavior to eliminate behaviors which are classified as a “nuisance” generally through enacting some form of an abatement program. The adverse effects of such laws have yet to be examined from an economic perspective. This paper examines how these laws may affect the levels of both legal and extralegal evictions in cities and counties in which they are used. Using data from a variety of sources, this study uses a difference-in-difference model to discover the impact of these