Kegan O’Connor

PhD Candidate University of Kansas

Curriculum vitae



Department of Economics

The University of Kansas

1460 Jayhawk Blvd - Snow Hall, Room 318, The University of Kansas, USA, 66045, USA


"Household Food Insecurity: Effects of State Grocery Tax Variation"

 Abstract:  Food insecurity is being recognized as major health crisis in the United States. Households that experience food insecurity are either unable or uncertain that they can acquire enough food to meet their nutritional needs. On average an esti...

“Third-Party Policing: Nuisance Laws and their Impact on Legal and Extralegal Evictions”

Abstract: Third-party policing laws are policies where police attempt to persuade or force third parties, such as landlords, to take some level of responsibility in preventing criminal activities. The most prevalent of these are nuisance property ordin...